Darlene Miser 


Miranda Miser 

Marketing and Sales Director 

Levi Douglass

Feed loader Old Washington  

Joe Miser 

Transportation Director 

M&M Feed and Supply's journey started in 2000, when Darlene Miser decided to be a distributor for Gerber and Sons Feed. Her 20 years of sales and business experience combined with her love of communication lead to the expansion of the store in 2005. M&M then started working with ADM and Nutrena shortly after moving to their location in Pleasant City, OH. Every year the store has exceeded expectations and continued to grow with customers from around Ohio.  M&M prides itself on being customer and community focused.

Meet Our Staff

Of course, M&M Feed would be nothing without its hard working staff. No matter the question, M&M works to give you the best information possible.  We want to make sure you leave satisfied and well informed.

Jenny Flesher 

Safety Director/Human Resources 

​​​Family Owned and Operated

Josh Wolfe 

Feed loader 



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